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Posts to this page will be about individuals who are searching for a common Swisher ancestor with a focus on connecting to Jacob River Swisher.
They will typically include a short “Bio” of the searcher, describing among other things, the geographical area they are searching, and/or “brick walls.” Post research information under the Surname menu.
Also included, if provided, will be links to their own website or family tree.
Go to the Person Index drop down on the menu to locate the Link # to view their tree.

  • Curt (Curtis) Jerome Swisher

    Posted on September 9, 2015 by Curt Swisher in Family Tree Link Page.

    My hobby is family history and I spend most of my time on it. (sometimes as many 10-12 hours a day.) I have been researching the Swisher family since 1984 and inherited all my mother’s research that she started in 1946. I love writing about my history, and actively want to connect with as many […]

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