• Life Story of Loraine Maxine Donal Swisher

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    Written by Loraine Maxine Donal Swisher and later compiled and edited by her son, Curt Swisher. This Life Story is printed on 80 pages and presented in a 3-prong report cover. The price will cover the cost of printing and shipping.
    © 2013 Curt Swisher

    One of my mother’s last requests was that I finish her life story for her. She had been writing it for years and basically had it done in March 1990, but she lived until February 2004.

    Just recently, I decided to fulfill her request. As much as possible I kept her original writing in tact, editing only a few items that needed clarification. Since she lived an additional fourteen years, I asked her children and grandchildren to add their memories of her as well as some of their favorite recipes, as she was well-known to be a very good cook. To the right is an excerpt (page 15) from that story.

    “My parents had a farm sale in February 1934 and moved to McPherson in March 1934. However Marjorie and I continued to stay in Marquette and completed the school year in Marquette where I graduated from Marquette High School on May 21, 1934.”

    “School was not easy for me and I really had to study to make my grades especially in High school. There was so much reading that had to be done and I was a slow reader; but I managed to get through and though some of my grades weren’t the best I didn’t make too bad a student according to my report cards. I was just an average student.”

    “We went to church and Sunday School at the Baker or Excelsior Church which was six miles south and one and one fourth miles west of Marquette until I was about nine or ten years old. This was a little country Methodist church and my parents attended there before they were married. There was and is a cemetery there and my grandpa and grandma Donal, three aunts and one uncle are buried there.”


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